Cultivating and Creating a Sustainable Business

Cultivating and Creating a Sustainable Business

So, you want to understand how ‘Sustainability’ can be embedded and add value to your business, career, and life?


Larissa Rose is our Director of Glowing Green Australia (GGA) and is specialised in environmental management, compliance, waste, sustainability auditing and environmental education programs. She is a Climate Change lecturer at Bond University and a specialist in renewable fuels.


So, you may have heard of buzz terms like ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’, or even ‘Environmental Social Governance’ (ESG), these are key documents or frameworks that build sustainability.


What does that mean, ‘Embedding Sustainability’?


Well, guess what, we can do it and I’m going to break it down in some simple ways that can add value to your business, workplace, career and everyday life.


There are key ways you can create a vibrant and sustainable company, finding ways to cultivate all employees – from top executives through to core administrative staff – to personally engage in day-to-day corporate sustainability efforts is possible.  Yes, even if you are a small 1-3 person show!


You really just need to do one major thing: Develop and embed a ‘Sustainability Plan’!


Sitting down and mapping out what sustainability means to you, to your career, to your business model, or the company that you work for, is an imperative process so you can deliver on triple bottom line pillars of, Social, Environmental and Economic outcomes.


At GGA we workshop with clients like schools and businesses to develop their ownership in ‘sustainable practices’, and what that means to their entity, their clients, their customers and their community.


Some key aspects we look at and develop:


Audit of your water, waste and energy.  Understanding your environmental impact and what that means in terms of Co2 impact that your company has, will support you to gain some baseline metrics to know where you are at.  Then you can only get better from there!  It is valuable to embed a waste management plan.


Leadership framework. Embedding the sustainability values of your commitment to every aspect of your organisation requires strong leadership to uphold these values. Leaning on your best thinkers to determine how you can embed environmental commitment in the company. Ensuring your board of directors, enterprise leadership team, partners, and/or key stakeholders are responsible for sustainability governance and ready to curate and participate in your ESG journey.


Engage your employees. Paramount success is inspiring employees and providing a variety of avenues to help them incorporate sustainable thinking into their everyday work lives. Developing a ‘Green Team’ that can work internally, externally, and even partner with community groups.


Embrace your ecosystem. Your supply chain, producers, manufactures, and suppliers of the products you use, receive and work with daily is an opportunity to ‘seek change’.   We’re working closely with your supply chain is one way to begin challenging how products are produced, delivered, received, or the availability of ‘eco-friendly’ options.


This is where is it so valuable to have a Sustainability Plan in place, so you can keep accountable and start ensuring it is lining up and working in parallel with your overarching ESG goals.


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