Environmental Education Programs


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Environmental Education Programs

Glowing Green Australia’s overarching sustainability approach and focus is to deliver exemplified programs that will assist schools, businesses and organisations to engage and drive a ‘call to action’ on environmental accountability to impacts made on micro and macro levels.

From level one immersion programs to detailed extensive programs we begin an informative communication strategy that drives a triple bottom line approach to establish opportunities socially, economically, and environmentally, while starting a framework of proactive dialogue to showcase the sustainability endeavours and achievements of the client, to local community and business’s and respective target audience.

Our introductory programs are a key step that will highlight the valuable direction and achievable goals that our client can attain by embedding a baseline integration approach to core sustainability targets via positive education at directors, management, CEO, CFO, student, teaching and non-teaching levels.

The core deliverable for our programs is the implementation of a Sustainability Timeline Plan (STP). The STP is to provide a calendar program, that supports a phased-in approach for key sustainability initiatives and events that will reinforce and support the Sustainability Vision Statement and Focus Targets that are development within the plan.

All initiatives that extend out of the STP program are tailored to align with the clients developed Sustainability Vision and Targets statements as well as supporting in the case of schools, subject curriculum requirements, key performance indicators and overall school goals.

Implementation of STP

STP programs are developed by Glowing Green Australia and officially delivered to clients. This initial phase is part of an informative communication strategy that seeks to ensure the STP’s key deliverables are supported, nurtured, implemented, and executed throughout the specific timeline period.

Our STP program provides a triple bottom line approach to factor in and established opportunities socially, economically, and environmentally, whilst providing a framework of proactive dialogue to participate and invite the local community, client’s business network and support branding outcomes for current and potential clients and school outcomes.

The STP is an interactive document that will continuously broaden and enrich its approach with content, data, and key performance indicators throughout the timeline period.

The overarching future plans of the STP is to be a yearly progressive document that becomes and provides our clients with a showcase of its sustainability endeavours and achievements.