Flora & Fauna Assessment


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Flora & Fauna Assessment

Flora & Fauna Assessments are management reports that are conducted by monitoring for flora and fauna activity occurred during the pre-clearing and survey phase, during works phase and after works phase of land clearing of project developments. They are specifically needed for demolition, construction, tree removal and subdivision for the development approval phases of projects.

The requirement for a Flora and Fauna Report comes from section 5A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act) which requires the proponent of the DA to assess the impacts of the proposed works on Threatened species, populations or ecological communities pursuant to section 94 of the TSC Act. This impact assessment is known as ‘Seven Part Test of Impact Significance’ or simply ‘7-Part Test’.

All wildlife interaction and any capture and relocations are conducted in accordance with relevant Acts and regulations; depending on the jurisdictions some of these can be the Nature Conservation Act 2002, Wildlife Regulations 1999 and EPBC Act 1999 and are documented for any future inspections or compliance.

Flora and Fauna Service Activity

Before any clearing activities commence, a survey is conducted to inspect all visible wildlife bearing habitat values for anypotential fauna. Allpotential fauna habitat values and features such as termite mounds, burrows or other nest sites remarked.

Succeeding the initial survey & potential fauna species identified, as per clients Environmental Team requirements, discussions are held with site Environmental Advisors, to establish procedures for any fauna that may require attention and or treatment during works. As a result, suitably qualified wildlife professionals/carer’s names and contact details are attained, with the understanding that Fauna Spotter/Catchers would contact the Environmental Advisors prior to contacting the wildlife carers.

Our Flora detection and fauna spotting/catching activities include those applicable to specific fauna habitat values such as terrestrial and aquatic habitats, including but not limited to remnant vegetation, riparian corridors, and Gilgai (melon holes) were conducted and need to be discussed with onsite environmental advisors in accordance with a client’s Wildlife Management Procedure.

Assessment and Management Report

Our reports address the ‘assessment of the potential impacts’ from your proposed DA and carried out development, and detailed upon fauna and flora or ‘biodiversity’ that are listed as ‘threatened’ under respective jurisdiction and Federal regulatory Acts.

Local jurisdictions and councils often request a Flora and Fauna Report when the subject property is located within the ‘Terrestrial Biodiversity’ (or similarly named) mapping layer that forms part a council’s ‘Local Environmental Plan’ (LEP). Many councils have their own guidelines for undertaking Flora and Fauna Reports, these often form part of the council development plans. Most councils only permit licensed and qualified Fauna Catcher and Ecological Consultants to prepare Flora and Fauna Assessments.