Waste Management Plans

The role of a Waste Management Plan (WMP) is to provide the waste management process for a proposed development, in accordance with local jurisdiction requirements and ensuring all the associated regulatory implications have been met.
Many Council’s within Australia rely on the information provided within a WMP in order to properly assess the viability and environmental responsibility of a proposed development.
Waste Management Plans will typically include the following:

  • Description of the proposed development;
  • Details of the anticipated waste types that are expected to be generated;
  • Details of the anticipated waste volumes that are expected to be generated;
  • Design details and requirements for the refuse storage areas, including the proposed bins to be used (taking into consideration the type and amount of refuse expected to be generated);
  • Details of the bin collection arrangements (i.e. frequency and location of collection);
  • Details of wash down facilities, area screening and amenity of the site;
  • Details demonstrating adequate access, egress and manoeuvring for the waste vehicles at the proposed refuse servicing locations;
  • Environmentally sustainable development provisions to be implemented at the site;
  • Site plans showing the proposed waste storage and collection provisions for the site.

Outcomes of a Waste Management Plan

Waste Management Plans provide local Council’s with confidence that new developments will be designed and constructed to appropriately manage solid waste generated in the operational phase of at the site. It also gives the developer confidence that suitable provisions have been made at the design stage for appropriate waste management at their site. Thirdly, the WMP’s ensure that the service provider will have the ability to safely and easily service new developments.
With increasing value being placed on environmental responsibility, the WMP’s can also serve to set environmentally responsible targets for waste management of new developments. They can detail provisions for segregation of all solid waste materials and set in place a plan that aims to reduce the overall volume of waste going to municipal landfill sites.
Glowing Green AustraliaWaste Management Plans will include the following in accordance with local Council requirements:

  • Introduction detailing the site and background to the proposed development.
  • List of references and definitions of any specific terms and acronyms.
  • Details regarding the scale of the commercial areas and the expected waste types and volumes likely to be generated.
  • Details of the type, size and number of bins proposed at each storage point, plus the design and size of the proposed storage points. Details will also be provided on any storage provisions for development-specific waste.
  • Details of bin carting and waste carting routes and distances and allocation of responsibility for waste management.
  • Location, design and size of servicing point(s) plus nominated collection frequency for each waste type. Details specifying sufficient access, egress and clearance for waste collection vehicles.
  • Adequate plans and figures to support the report and demonstrate the adequacy of the waste management provisions included in the development.
  • Demonstration of compliance with the Performance Outcomes of Council’s Solid Waste Management Code.

Waste Management Plan – We prepare these as per the Waste Management codes required for Development Applications

We work exclusively with all developers, planners, architects, and consultants team to support the Development Application process for clients.

Through the Development Application Approvals process specify the support of the required planning and development codes for waste management.  Our expertise in waste management codes will ensure efficiency and speed with waste design that the development must follow – i.e plans for the location and design of waste services for the development.

Our team of specialised consultants, provide all preliminary comments in phase 1, through to preparing a Waste Management Plan to meet council and your local jurisdictions code requirements.

The Development Approval will also specify the timeframe that the development should occur within – ie. how long you have to start work on the development and how long you have to finish the development.

Feel free to send through your development plans to us for a quote and fee proposal on successfully providing you with a Waste Management Plan.

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